Want To Give Something Back?

Charity and equality go hand in hand, so it’s hardly surprising that a self-publishing house that promotes diversity, equality, and social justice is one that also advocates for charitable causes. We have close ties with several charitable organizations, and as part of our Corporate Social Responsibility we donate a portion of our proceeds to schools and individuals, across the world.

Play Your Part – No Matter How Small!

We can all do our part, whether it’s through the stories we tell, the money we donate, or simply the way we treat others. Our founder, Dami Adesoye, has mentored young individuals from underprivileged and minority communities for a long time, and has seen firsthand the lack of representation in the storytelling and literature provided for today’s young generation. Supporting scholarships, local schools and organizations, and providing more universal perspectives; these are all things we support here at Happy Kids Literature, and we’d love you to support that mission, too