What Does Happy Kids Literature Represent?

Happy Kids Literature is a self-publishing house that produces picture books (and other storytelling books) to help promote racial diversity and equality, and to encourage children to see the similarities between them, rather than the differences. We strive to tell a broad spectrum of stories, showcasing a truly diverse range of perspectives and
experiences, so that everybody – and that means everybody – feels represented.

Good Storytelling Is More Important Than Ever Before…

In today’s anxiety-filled, fast-paced world, where uncertainty and change is the norm, the importance of good storytelling can’t be (nor should be) overlooked. We need the young people today to be filled with hope and aspiration, not hate and prejudice, and that’s exactly what the picture books published by Happy Kids Literature aim to do. Children are filled with innocent joy and wonder, and we want to extend that aspirational tone through the stories we tell!

Dami Adesoye, Author

I enjoy writing fun, educative children’s books with a focus on depicting minority characters and scenes of cohesive equality. Despite training as a M&A and strategy consultant, I found that my passion was authoring positive stories to help combat the overwhelming negativity, and misrepresentation in our society today. In an effort to contribute positively to the coming generations, I started writing the Happy Kids Book Collection with the goal of encouraging togetherness among people of all kinds.


I read Happy Kids Literature before giving it to my kids, and I was amazed how meaningful and positive the literature was. I have been reading and searching a lot for my kids, and have never seen anything like that!

Jasmine Ward First Magazine

My kids are obsessed with Happy Kids Literature, and I feel so happy and satisfied that they are reading something worth reading. You guys are doing a great job. Keep it up!

Alison Green The ABC Blog

Happy Kids Literature is my first choice for my teenage kids. It is amazing and really gives good messages to its readers. My kids like to read it as well

Sam Donald Educational Phycologist