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Showcasing Our Similarities Through Storytelling

Happy kids literature provides young minds with great literature, exciting illustrations, and meaningful lessons, that enrich their everyday lives.

Our focus on representation of all ethnicities, offers an early introduction to the similarities we all share

Introducing characters and leads of minority descent can lead to a greater understanding of the varying physical appearances of humans and especially, the kids in class…..

Our Storytelling Mission

Our mission is to create meaningful literature that encourages positivity and respect between all types of people. We help children understand their core values of equality by focusing on the similarities we all share.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be the number one source of meaningful literature providers for kids and teenagers to help them be the better version of themselves.

Dami Adesoye, Author

I enjoy writing fun, educative children’s books with a focus on depicting minority characters and scenes of cohesive equality. Despite training as a M&A and strategy consultant, I found that my passion was authoring positive stories to help combat the overwhelming negativity, and misrepresentation in our society today. In an effort to contribute positively to the coming generations, I started writing the Happy Kids Book Collection with the goal of encouraging togetherness among people of all kinds.


Who’s ready to go back to school?! The first day of school can be fun or it can be scary. Every child coming off their summer break experiences a range of emotions leading up to that moment they head out the door for the first time.
 “What About You?” is the first in the Happy Kids Book Collection Series of educational books for young children. Handsomely illustrated, it follows the adventures of a young girl as she prepares to get back in the classroom with her friends. This rich and diverse book follows one young girl throughout her first day back at school, from getting on the bus to playing with friends. The theme of family and openness runs throughout, making this an important addition to every child’s book collection.

“What About You?” is sure to be an instant classic and a must read for all kids! Purchase your copy today and let the fun begin.